My experience with Microsoft technology

My experience with Microsoft technology

Windows 8 Developer Preview initial configuration

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as you may have heard the Windows 8 Developer Preview is downloadable from The x64 image without the developer tools is 3,63 Gb in size. After the installation which is basically the same as in Windows 7 you are presented with this screen where you can specify the name of your PC:


After that you can choose to accept the express settings which I of course don’t do because I want to know what the new settings are :-):


I won’t list the settings as images tell more than 1000 words:






Hey that’s an interesting one. You can choose to log on to your device with your Windows Live ID which enables you to recover your password if you have forgotten it!


After pressing next in this screen Windows said it would create me a new account but in reality it associated the PC with my Live ID. Some minutes later I received an email to confirm that I was the one associating the device with my ID. If you confirm that you can the all your devices in your Windows Live profile:


After that Windows is preparing your PC:


Shortly after that you are presented with the new Start menu. Clicking on Desktop here will open the classic desktop. But when you press the start button on the classic desktop this new start menu will open. To scroll through it there is a little scrollbar on the bottom. Hopefully there is an option to get back to the classic start menu because with a mouse this behaviour is not very convenient.


As you can see on the above screen shot there is no option to shutdown the PC from a logged on user session. To shutdown the PC you need to log off and navigate two screens to shutdown the PC. This needs to be simplified in subsequent builds!



Opening the explorer shows that the vanilla installation needs around 10GB of disk space


That’s it for now. Stay tuned.



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14. September 2011 at 15:04

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